Fannie leaned into the microphone and began to speak. “My name is Fannie,” she said, as she gathered up her courage to meet this epic moment. “I’m a chicken, and I’m here today to tell you that chickens are animals, too!”

Tracey Winter Glover

Tracey Winter Glover

Tracey is an activist, author, speaker, and filmmaker with a passion for animals, nature, and vegan living. She is the founder of the nonprofit animal rights group ARC and the director of Sweet Peeps Microsanctuary, a small sanctuary devoted to chickens rescued from animal agriculture. In her work, she tackles critical issues relating to animal welfare and the ways in which human beings relate to and impact the natural world.

Chickens Are Animals, Too! Fannie Goes to Washington

Written by Tracey Winter Glover
Illustrated by Mariella Travis

e-book 978-1-961905-08-5
softcover 978-1-961905-09-2
hardcover 978-1-961905-35-1

June 30, 2024 | 54 pages

Join Fannie, a spirited and courageous chicken with a heart as big as her dreams, on an adventure of a lifetime in Chickens Are Animals, Too! After being rescued from a bleak future, Fannie finds warmth and love in Abbie’s home alongside a motley crew of pets. But when she learns that her fellow chickens are not considered animals by the world, Fannie’s feathery heart refuses to stand by. With a dash of pluck and determination, she organizes an unprecedented march on Washington, rallying chickens and allies from every corner to fight for recognition and rights.


This whimsical, heartwarming tale for middle-grade readers is a journey of friendship, courage, and the power of speaking out. Fannie and her friends will whisk you away on their quest to bend the arc of history toward justice. A story as fun as it is inspiring,  Chickens Are Animals, Too!  proves that even the smallest voices can echo the loudest calls for change. Will Fannie succeed in her mission, or is the world just too big for one little chicken with big dreams? There’s only one way to find out!

Mariella Travis

Mariella Travis

Mariella is a self-taught artist, designer and author. Embarking on the road less traveled, she acquired her skills through hands-on experience; working in a variety of roles within the publishing, film, and music industries. Outside of her creative work, you can find her playing piano, catching sunrises, and enjoying this beautiful planet we inhabit.

“The writers in Rivers of Ink speak to us about the power of place, how one river connects us all.  It is as if writers and readers alike are on the banks of the Penobscot together, taking the time to look closely, learn from the past, and look toward the future. Each story, each poem becomes part of the flow in this river of words, and we travel through geologic time, Indigenous time, and industrial time, to a time that—we hope—will be one of renewal.”
—Stuart Kestenbaum, former poet laureate of Maine and author of six collections of poetry

“Brimming with voices as diverse as the river’s currents and the land through which it flows, Rivers of Ink is a significant addition to the literature of the Penobscot. Readers both familiar and unfamiliar with the river itself will return to these pages.”
 —Kristen Britain, New York Times bestselling author of the Green Rider fantasy series

"To the river writers in this anthology, thank you for your marvelous visions of the Penobscot. Ecological and animated, meditative, and hopeful, vital, tender, and welcoming: your poems, stories, and essays capture the spirit of this mighty thoroughfare. We came away feeling new awe and appreciation for that river that runs through all of us, sustaining and alive."
—Carl and David Little, authors of Art of Penobscot Bay

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