12 Willows is an independent publisher of fiction and nonfiction books that address our changing world. Through titles on the environment, ecology, wildlife, and sustainability, we offer solutions that may mitigate the worst of the worst or help us adapt in ways we never thought possible.

We offer the humble willow tree as one such solution. Found on every continent with forests, this tree spent the last 145 million years learning how to adapt to less-than-ideal conditions, from sandy, wet soils to roiling riverbanks. Once established, it develops quickly, with some varieties growing several feet a year. Below ground, its roots spread out, creating a vast, shallow network that stabilizes soils and absorbs toxins like pesticides and heavy metals.

It’s no wonder how willow came to symbolize adaptability, vitality, renewal, loss, wisdom, and even immortality—invigorating our imaginations with stories and themes that took root in mythologies spanning the globe. Willow also came to play a prominent role in daily life, its wood, branches, and bark used in myriad ways, from wagon spokes, fencing, furniture, and brooms to clothes pins and medicine. High in salicin, willow has reduced fevers, calmed inflammation, and alleviated body aches and pains for eons.

We named the press after the unassuming, tenacious willow tree for these reasons.

Important update on submissions

12 Willows Press is temporarily pausing the acceptance of regular manuscript submissions. This decision allows us to dedicate our full attention to current projects and commitments. We value the work of writers and researchers who share our passion for addressing our changing world through stories and insights on the environment, ecology, and sustainability.

Please check back for updates on when our submission window will reopen.

Thank you for your understanding and continued interest in 12 Willows Press.

Take a peek at our recently and soon-to-be published books!

Rivers of Ink: Literary Reflections on the Penobscot

Edited by Steven Long

Introduction by Sherri Mitchell Weh’na Ha’mu Kwasset

2024 Maine Literary Awards finalist

On sale now!


By Kate Risse

Into audiobooks? You’ll love this one! Narrated by Rachel Fulginiti, you’ll be kept on the edge of your seat as soon as you hit play.

Available now!

The Inside of ME

By Jennifer Elwell Comeau

Illustrated by Suzi Linden

Welcome to a world where whimsy meets wisdom! Dive in, explore, and let your imagination playfully dance with every delightful discovery.

We’re excited to announce that The Inside of ME is also available in a beautiful FSC-certified hardcover edition! Dive into the enchanting world of nature with a sustainable touch.

Available for sale!

Lumpy's Gift

By Christopher Packard

Illustrated by Jill Packard

Get your hands dirty while reading this book. Just remember to wash them before eating dinner!

On sale now!

Following Sasquatch

Written and Illustrated by Molly Leach

There’s a reason Sasquatch is so elusive. Wanna know why?

On sale now!

Chickens Are Animals, Too! Fannie Goes to Washington


Written by Tracey Winter Glover

Illustrated by Mariella Travis

If you love cheeky chickens, this book is for you! Fannie is as cheeky as they come!

On sale now!

A Cat Called Q and the Magic Globe


Written by Melody Horrill

Illustrated by Anelique Smelt

This is a delightful story of a brave 10-year-old girl who faces off with an evil overlord with the help of her best mate and a cat.

Pre-order now!


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