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12 Willows is an independent publisher of fiction and nonfiction books that address our changing world. Through titles on the environment, ecology, wildlife, sustainability, and gardening/agriculture, we offer solutions that may mitigate the worst of the worst or help us adapt in ways we never thought possible.

We offer the humble willow tree as one such solution. Found on every continent with forests, this tree spent the last 145 million years learning how to adapt to less-than-ideal conditions, from sandy, wet soils to roiling riverbanks. Once established, it develops quickly, with some varieties growing several feet a year. Below ground, its roots spread out, creating a vast, shallow network that stabilizes soils and absorbs toxins like pesticides and heavy metals.

It’s no wonder how willow came to symbolize adaptability, vitality, renewal, loss, wisdom, and even immortality—invigorating our imaginations with stories and themes that took root in mythologies spanning the globe. Willow also came to play a prominent role in daily life, its wood, branches, and bark used in myriad ways, from wagon spokes, fencing, furniture, and brooms to clothes pins and medicine. High in salicin, willow has reduced fevers, calmed inflammation, and alleviated body aches and pains for eons.

We named the press after the unassuming, tenacious willow tree for these reasons.

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Lumpy’s Gift

Christopher Packard and Jill Packard

Inside of Me

Jennifer Elwell Comeau

Rivers of Ink: Literary Reflections on the Penobscot

Edited by Steven Long
Introduction by Sherri Mitchell Weh’na Ha’mu Kwasset 

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