“It’s early in the morn and ol’ Sasquatch a’ rises
another day of adventure and many great surprises!
Big trees to climb, and bright sweet berries to eat
the forest has endless new creatures to meet!

Following Sasquatch

Written and illustrated by Molly Leach

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May 24, 2024 | 44 pages


Following Sasquatch takes readers on an enchanting exploration with an elusive gentle giant. Crafted by Molly Leach, this story delves into a day of discovery in the wilderness, highlighting Sasquatch’s commitment to leaving no trace behind.

With adventures from climbing trees to encountering diverse wildlife, Sasquatch’s journey is one of mindfulness and respect for nature. Emphasizing conservation, kindness, and the beauty of the natural world, the book educates and entertains, fostering a deep appreciation for the outdoors. It encourages readers to explore with care, love the earth, and cherish its wonders.

This book invites readers to a journey of discovery, stewardship, and wonder, proving that sometimes, the simplest of adventures can preserve our planet’s stories for generations to come.

Molly Leach

Molly Leach

Molly is an artist from somewhere along the road. Whether doing trail work far in the forest or writing songs up in a tree , hopping the train to see an old friend or playing music at a bar in the city, adventure is never far away. Hands rarely clean of dirt, usually barefoot, and often dancing, you will find Molly singing in the wild.

Following Sasquatch is a delightful picture book about everyone’s favorite mysterious forest creature: bigfoot! Readers are taken for a fun romp through the woods as Sasquatch models the importance of trail preparedness and leaving no trace. Young listeners are in for a treat as they learn some simple rules like fire safety, planning a hike, packing a snack, packing out trash, and respecting the creatures they find. You certainly don’t have to be a cryptozoologist to enjoy this book. Parents and kids who are excited about exploring outside will find this a perfect invitation to adventure. It promises exciting discoveries and encounters out in the woods. You’ll love it!”

—Christopher Packard, biologist, assistant director of the International Cryptozoology Museum, and author of Mythical Creatures of Maine: Fantastic Beasts from Legend and Folklore

The concept of Following Sasquatch is an avant-garde approach to reciting the often-ignored fundamentals of leave no trace.  It is an intriguing and inviting notion that leave-no-trace practices are why Sasquatch has not been found. Whether one believes in Sasquatch or is entertained by the myth, this book offers an appreciation for the character and his actions.

—Mimi Gorman, Interpretive Park Ranger

“This beautiful book invites young and old readers into an enchanted world rich with flora, fauna, and more-than-human friends. Through playful rhymes and whimsical illustrations, Molly Leach offers a gentle lesson in living in the right relationship with the earth. As we join Sasquatch for a joyful day in the forest, we realize that, by following his teachings, we too might make a home in a shared and enchanted world.”

Laura Blake, editor and follower of Sasquatch

“The concept of leaving no trace is brought to life in this fun, artistic setting of Following Sasquatch. It is a timeless environmental message entitled by the rarest of characters.”

—Norbey Firehands, park ranger, Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park

“Molly Leach, a creative force, has crafted a beautifully written and illustrated tale. An absolute pleasure from cover to cover, Following Sasquatch emphasizes the importance of kindness, respect and valuing our natural world. Important lessons for young and old alike.”

—Chadley, East Side Trails foreman, Glacier National Park

“Following Sasquatch is a fun way to introduce your little adventurers to simple and effective ways to care for nature and how to be good stewards of our beautiful planet. The story cleverly follows Sasquatch on a stroll through the forest, where we learn to develop good habits while enjoying our time in nature! Be like Sasquatch!”

—Melissa Lynch, Coupa administrator

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