“Yes it is true for me and you
However we feel, whatever we view
Is a mirror that shows
What inside of us glows.”

Image of the book cover The Inside of Me
Jennifer Comeau

Jennifer Comeau

Jennifer treasures walks in Maine’s special woodland places. A Certified Forest Therapy Guide, singer-songwriter, and author-speaker, Jen’s experiences among “the standing ones” are awe-inspiring and grounding. Her forthcoming debut novel, A Moon in All Things, is a heroine’s journey to reclaim the old ways of nature. As a trustee for TreeSisters.org, an international reforestation and women’s leadership organization, she lives with her husband, Lt. Col. John Comeau, and a spunky poodle, Bridey, in Kennebunkport, Maine. Find Jen at: www.jennifercomeau.com.

The Inside of ME


Written by Jennifer Comeau
Illustrated by Suzi Linden

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June 12, 2024 | 40 pages

The Inside of ME is a sweet, rhyming story with flowing imagery about connecting with the natural world through a child’s eyes. More than it seems, it prompts children to think about their magical, interconnected world and the possibility of a reciprocal relationship with nature. Each illustration renders a scene from a natural place in Maine that is both open to the public and accessible to small children. In the back of the book are invitations to adventure to those places. This book is a keepsake and guide for exploring Maine’s outdoors and the natural world wherever you are.

Suzi Linden

Suzi Linden

Suzi Linden is a lifelong artist who translates her joy of nature into her work. She is the author-illustrator of three Princess Bigfoot books—Princess Bigfoot in Alaska, Princess Bigfoot Gives Thanks, and Princess Bigfoot in Maine. She lives in western Maine, where she works and wanders her trails for daily inspiration. Find Suzi at: www.suzilinden.com.

“A word-and-picture book that takes children and parents on a sun-and-wind-blown joy ride across the place where we live, reawakening our childhood souls in much the same way that Dylan Thomas’s ‘Fern Hill’ does.”
—Kerry Hardy, researcher, eco-historian, and author of Notes on a Lost Flute: A Field Guide to the Wabanaki

The Inside of ME is a beautiful book that reminds children of all ages of the joy and gratitude we have for our intimate relationship with Mother Earth and all her children. It is a book to have in your personal library.”
 —Dr. Anita Sanchez, Nahua & Toltec, author of The Four Sacred Gifts: Indigenous Wisdom for Modern Times

“In a simple, classic style of books like Good Night Moon, The Inside of ME is a heartwarming and charming book that will inspire children and adults to go outside and play. With delightful illustrations and poetic language, readers are reminded of how sparkly and happy we feel when we immerse ourselves in the beauty of nature.”

—Ellen Dee Davidson, author, forest listener, mother, and grandmother

The Inside of ME shimmers. When I founded Climate Change & Consciousness, I did so with the full faith that inner and outer environments mirror each other. Jennifer Comeau opens this portal to our precious little ones so that they can feel their birthright of connection to the natural world.”
 —Stephanie Mines, Ph.D., author of The Secret of Resilience: Healing Personal and Planetary Trauma through Morphogenesis and The Great Physician: Medicinal Poetry for the Anthropocene

“The Inside of ME is an irresistible and inclusive invitation to skip, roll, or run to the sea, to the pond, to the woods—where magic awaits! Recommendations for specific spots in Maine to visit, and fun activities to do there, guarantee unforgettable encounters with nature—moments that can change a kid’s life. Brava!”
—Sy Montgomery, national bestselling author of How to Be a Good Creature

“The book’s simple yet profound language reflects the majesty of the natural world, inviting readers on a journey to discover their own inner beauty. It reignited a connection to nature that resonated deeply within me, reminiscent of my wonder as a young girl.”
—Maria Inés Miranda, founder at Wise Women Chile and Innoavture

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