“Well, we don’t have much time, do we?” Sheri said. “The longer we put it off, the more trees and animals will die. So, if I’m going to do this, I’d better do it now.”

Melody Horrill

Melody Horrill

Melody, an award-winning Australian journalist, author, and documentary producer, specializes in environmental issues. She co-chairs the Jane Goodall Institute’s global Cetacean Committee and is an ambassador for Kangaroo Island’s Dolphin Watch. Her memoir, A Dolphin Called Jock, explores her healing connection with a wild dolphin, while her book Sheltered shares stories of rescue animals and their human saviors.

A Cat Called Q and the Magic Globe


Melody Horrill

e-book 978-1-961905-04-7 | print 978-1-961905-05-4

May 2024 | 000 pages

When Sheri shakes a mysterious-looking snow globe she discovers in a charity shop, her whole world is turned upside down when she suddenly finds herself inside it, along with her best friend, Shawn. Once in this strange new realm, she embarks on a dangerous journey to rescue a spellbound land and its weird and wonderful creatures from destruction. Luckily, a majestic, mischievous, sandwich-loving magical cat comes to her aid. A Cat Called Q and the Magic Globe is an enchanting fantasy about the importance of believing in ourselves, being brave, caring for the natural world and embracing our connection to it. It also serves as a reminder that magic does exist in nature and that love can heal and restore everything.

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