“The animal’s hip bones poked up like knees under a thin blanket, the hollows of her skull visible through taut skin. A skirt of mud from having slept in a creek bed hundreds of miles away flanked her sides and had dried like concrete. Her jet-black tail was just shy of dragging the ground and stenciled with the same mud.”

Andrea Thalasinos

Andrea Thalasinos

Andrea Thalasinos is the author of An Echo through the Snow, Traveling Light, and Fly by Night.  Born and raised in New York, she lives in Madison, Wisconsin, with her two Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers.  Her fiction blends mystery, history, and psychological depth by exploring the animal/human connection and how this most ancient of relationships is often the conduit to a greater understanding and connection.

The Loneliness of Horses

Andrea Thalasinos

e-book 978-1-961905-11-5
print 978-1-961905-12-2
audiobook 978-1-961905-54-2

October 2024 | 000 pages

In The Loneliness of Horses, Andrea Thalasinos weaves a captivating multigenerational saga that transcends time and geography. Set against the rugged backdrop of Nova Scotia and the deserts of northern Arizona, this novel explores the profound connections between two women, centuries apart, whose lives are dramatically reshaped by their fierce love for horses. Amid themes of displacement, resilience, and enduring bonds with nature, Thalasinos crafts a narrative that is as much about finding one’s place in the world as it is about the unspoken kinship between humans and animals. A testament to courage and the pursuit of freedom, the story delves into the heart of what it means to stand up for one’s beliefs and the intricate web of life that connects us all. Andrea’s rich background in sociology and her deep engagement with animal welfare illuminate every page, offering a story that is compelling and deeply insightful.

Bidding farewell to the characters of this enchanting novel left me with a tinge of heartache, a testament to their profound impact on my heart and imagination. Their presence was a gift, one I cherish deeply. This beautifully crafted narrative delves into the intricate relationship between humans and horses, alongside women’s significant role as their advocates through the ages. The resilience and bravery of these characters touched me deeply, stirring emotions so strong that I found myself pausing often, overwhelmed by tears.

—Julia Huffman, TEDx speaker and executive producer of Medicine of the Wolf

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