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Written by Christopher Packard
Illustrated by Jill Packard

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e-book 978-1-961905-00-9 | softcover 978-1-961905-01-6

December 2023 | 42 pages


Lumpy is a lump of clay and is about to be taken on the adventure of a lifetime! At first, he is scared when he is taken from his home by a well-meaning potter who does “terrible” things to him. But by the end, Lumpy has become something extraordinary, something he never knew he wanted to be. This delightful tale will help children learn not only about clay and pottery but also about how all those little things people make us do (like school, exercise, and eating right) help make it possible to find our true potential.

“A fun and educational read that kids and adults alike will enjoy. Lumpy’s Gift is for the whole family, teachers in the classroom, anyone who holds a camp or outside event that involves nature or craft classes, and people who want to find a new way to be creative with their hands. So buy a copy. You won’t regret it.”

—Brent, Scribble’s Worth

“The lessons of resilience and growth shine through this delightful story with its charming images and timeless message. You and your kids will love it over and over again!”

—Diane D’Amour, art teacher

“I enjoyed your book! Lumpy is a fun and engaging character, and I loved your use of adjectives as pop-out words all the way through your book.”

—Sylvia Ferrell, first- and second-grade elementary school teacher